Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Padaido Sea beauty around Biak

Padaido Islands located near Biak, Papua
For lovers of the underwater world tour is not complete if not visited the sea around the Islands Padaido. Oceans are there in these islands is so clear until you can see the coral reefs and colorful fish beneath the sea. Moreover here you can also enjoy a breathtaking panorama of natural beach lined with palm trees waving and the sparkling white sand.

Padaido archipelago consists of 30 small islands located along the southeast side of the island of Biak. This island has a beautiful park of the most beautiful in the world, would not be surprised if the Islands are always visited by divers Padaido (divers) from home and abroad. Crystal clear sea makes you amazed to see a lot of marine plants, including coral reefs, beautiful fishes swim, and a variety of unique marine life.

Not only that Padaido is one place that has the greatest biodiversity of coral ecosystems in the world. There, saved at least 95 species of coral and 155 species of fish. In addition there are coral reefs in Padaido is kind of rare and beautiful coral reefs such as Montiopora digigata, Acropora latistella, A palifera, Meliporasp, Lobata Porites, Porites lutea, and much more.

If you are into Padaido in the morning, you'll see the sun peeking out shyly from behind a hill and when daylight came, the sun will bounce and shine beautifully down to the bottom of the sea. Bottom of the sea with white sand to make the exotic islands of Indonesia at the end of it more so.

True to its name, which in local language means beauty that can not be disclosed. There is no single word that is able to represent the beauty of this island. Most make sense is when the sea water was receding Padaido Islands. Once the tide is low you will easily see the inhabitants of the sea with a variety of sizes, colors, and types.

To get to the Islands Padaido, you only take about 1 hour from Port Bosnik by using a boat. Or, if you want a more challenging yet, you can get to Padaido between 3-4 hours with a canoe paddle.

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