Thursday, March 8, 2012

History of Mountain and Rock Climbing in Indonesia continue

Only those people who have the guts to do the high rock climbing activities

Karabiner for the first time used in mountain climbing, introduced by the climber-climbers from Munich, West Germany, inspired by its use in fire brigades.

Ex-members of the expedition BPUE 1090, Dr.AFR Wallaston, returned to New Guinea with C.Bodden Kloss, with 224 porters and soldiers. Three people died.

L.Mallory George et al. successfully reached the North Col of Everest in the course of their assessment of the Tibet side.

The first attempt to climb Everest ends at an altitude of 8320 meters in the northeast ridge.

Mallory and Irvine who attempt Everest again, was lost at an altitude of about 8400 meters. His colleague, Edward Norton, reaching 8570 meters, record the time, alone and without using bottled oxygen.

Schmid brothers reach the summit via the north wall of the Matterhorn, as well as North Wall Climbing childbirth fever. Improvement of living standards in the UK and mainland Europe in general, lead to changes in patterns of urban residents spend their leisure time, causing the popularity of rock climbing.

Introduced Grivel ice claws (crampoon) model 12 teeth, which remain effective preferred because until now.

Comici from Italy to climb the north wall of Cima Grande overhang Lavredo in the Dolomite region, Eastern Alps, marking the first aid climbing. Around this same year Vibram soles Bramini ditermukan by Vitale.

Dr.AHColijn, general manager of the Dutch oil company near Sorong, and DrJ.J.Dozy geologist, discovered copper ore in the east wall Moriane Glacier, not far from the Carstensz, Irian.

Bill Murray to change the length of climbers who stick to the ice ax, marking the birth of modern ice climbing.

The north wall of the Eiger in Switzerland finally managed to climb, by a joint team of West Germany and Austria, which Hitler promised hereafter by Olympic gold medal. Wall of death had been swallowed quite a lot of casualties, and continues today. .

Archbold Expedition 'discovered' the Baliem Valley, Dani sac with a very high level of culture, in the middle of the jungle that seemed limitless and impenetrable. Irian more so the attention of scientists the world.

Nepal opened its borders to outsiders.

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