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Jayabaya forecast in the original language of Java

Want to know more term (forecast) Jayabaya, please Read to the text below
(I have translated excerpts of these fibers and interpreted according to the language that I understand and inputs from land pinisepuh Jawi)

Akeh bapa lali anak. Akeh anak wani nglawan ibu.
Nantang bapa.Sedulur padha cidra.
Kulawarga padha curiga.Kanca dadi mungsuh.
Akeh manungsa lali asale.
Ukuman Ratu ora adil.Akeh pangkat sing jahat lan ganjil.
Akeh kelakuan sing ganjil.

Many forget the father of her child. Many children against their fathers (parents) (=> in infotaintment many broadcast)
 Sisters hurt each family
Early work, want to live like a king, indulgence of lust wrath, relying cidra deeds.
 Froze the Righteous, The One to have fun, Good People excluded

 Banyak bapak melupakan anaknya. Banyak anak melawan bapaknya (orang tua) (=>di infotaintment banyak menayangkan)
 Saudara saling menyakiti keluarga
 Masa bekerja, ingin hidup seperti raja, mengumbar nafsu angkara murka, mengandalkan perbuatan cidra.
 Orang Benar terpaku diam, Orang Salah bersenang-senang, Orang Baik Tersingkirkan

Wong apik-apik padha kapencil. Akeh wong nyambut gawe apik-apik padha krasa isin.
Luwih utama ngapusi.Wegah nyambut gawe.
Kepingin urip mewah.Ngumbar nafsu angkara murka, nggedhekake duraka.

Good people excluded. Many people work well / honest that even ashamed
Better to lie
Lazy to work. Want to live in luxury
Indulgence wrath / evil, glorifying crime

Orang baik terkucilkan. Banyak orang bekerja baik-baik /jujur yang malah malu
Lebih baik berdusta
Malas bekerja. Ingin hidup mewah
Mengumbar angkara murka /kejahatan, mengagung-agungkan kejahatan

Wong bener thenger-thenger. Wong salah bungah.
Wong apik ditampik-tampik. Wong jahat munggah pangkat.
Wong agung kasinggung. Wong ala kapuja.

Wong-thenger thenger true. Wong Bungah wrong.
Wong denied slick-hue. Wong munggah evil power.
Wong kasinggung great. Wong kapuja style.

Orang Benar terpaku. Orang Salah bergembira
Orang Baik ditolak di mana-mana. Orang Jahat  naik pangkat
Orang Besar tersinggung. Orang Jelek dipuja

Wong wadon ilang kawirangane.
Wong lanang ilang kaprawirane.
Akeh wong lanang ora duwe bojo.
Akeh wong wadon ora setya marang bojone.
Akeh ibu padha ngedol anake.
Akeh wong wadon ngedol awake.
Akeh wong ijol bebojo.
Wong wadon nunggang jaran.
Wong lanang linggih plangki.

Women lost shame
The man lost his courage / cowardice so
Many men are not married (=> according to the census of the number of women more)
Many women are not unfaithful / cheating
Many women sell their children
Many women sell themselves, prostitution (in various forms)
Woman riding a horse (commentary = women occupy many important positions in government)
Men sitting in the back (the man who lost his dignity as a man)

Orang perempuan hilang malunya
Lelaki hilang keberaniannya/ jadi pengecut
Banyak laki-laki tidak beristri (=> menurut  sensus  jumlah perempuan lebih banyak)
Banyak Wanita tidak setia/ berselingkuh
Banyak ibu menjual anaknya
Banyak wanita menjual diri, prostitusi (dalam berbagai bentuk)
Wanita naik kuda (tafsir=  wanita banyak menduduki posisi penting di pemerintahan)
Laki-laki duduk di belakang (lelaki yang hilang martabatnya sebagai laki-laki)

Divination Jayabaya last stanza

aja gumun, aja ngungun
hiya iku putrane Bethara Indra
kang pambayun tur isih kuwasa nundhung setan
tumurune tirta brajamusti pisah kaya ngundhuh
hiya siji iki kang bisa paring pituduh
marang jarwane jangka kalaningsun
tan kena den apusi
marga bisa manjing jroning ati
ana manungso kaiden ketemu
uga ana jalma sing durung mangsane
aja sirik aja gela
iku dudu wektunira
nganggo simbol ratu tanpa makutha
mula sing menangi enggala den leluri
aja kongsi zaman kendhata madhepa den marikelu
beja-bejane anak putu

do not be surprised, do not be confused
Indra's son
the oldest and still the power of casting out demons
splashing water drop breaks Brajamusti
only one that can give clues
about the meaning and the meaning of my forecasts
not fooled
because it can be entered into the heart
there are people who can meet
but there are people who have not the time
do not be jealous and disappointed
it's not your time
queen without a crown emblem
Thus the encounter immediately respect,
do not get disconnected, face dutifully
luck was on our children and grandchildren

iki dalan kanggo sing eling lan waspada
ing zaman kalabendu Jawa
aja nglarang dalem ngleluri wong apengawak dewa
cures ludhes saka braja jelma kumara
aja-aja kleru pandhita samusana
larinen pandhita asenjata trisula wedha
iku hiya pinaringaning dewa

This is the way for the recall and alert
Java in the days kalabendu
do not forbid the honoring of a deity
that blocking will be annihilated whole families
do not be mistaken looking for god
look for an armed god's trident Wedha
god's gift
nglurug tanpa bala
yen menang tan ngasorake liyan
para kawula padha suka-suka
marga adiling pangeran wus teka
ratune nyembah kawula
angagem trisula wedha
para pandhita hiya padha muja
hiya iku momongane kaki Sabdopalon
sing wis adu wirang nanging kondhang
genaha kacetha kanthi njingglang
nora ana wong ngresula kurang
hiya iku tandane kalabendu wis minger
centi wektu jejering kalamukti
andayani indering jagad raya
padha asung bhekti

forces attacked without
if not insulting to another win
people's revelers
because justice the Almighty has arrived
people worship the king
armed with a trident Wedha
The priest also in worship
That caring Sabdopalon
who have borne the shame but the famous
everything looks bright
no one complained shortage
that much of our time has ended kalabendu
changed its glorious era
strengthen the fabric of the universe
all put a high respect

100 prophecies that have been proven Jayabaya  among others
Besuk yen wis ana kreta tanpa jaran --- Kelak jika sudah ada kereta tanpa kuda.
Later, if the existing carriage without a horse. That is the vehicle with the engine at that time in the world is not yet imagine a car

Prahu mlaku ing dhuwur awang-awang --- Perahu berjalan di angkasa.
That boat went on the air plane was at that time no one could possibly imagine a plane flying

As the king and poet, Jayabaya look far ahead with the eyes of the heart and feelings. He predicted a state of chaos, which he called Walik wolak-ing times. State of all-time upside down.

But clearly the King was allowed to catch a glimpse of what will happen beyond his time .. Certainly there is some point ... Are warning for us, whether merely interesting reading material, whether cuman myth ... We can choose for our lives, which contain the consequences of its own ...

If the Western world there is a Notradhamus, who also Astrologer, Scientist, Philosopher, who was able to see events for hundreds of years after its time ... Indonesia also has the King Jayabaya.

Learn more about the forecast Jayabaya

Divination Jayabaya last stanza


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