Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Birds Exotic Indonesia

1. Blue Paradise
Blue Paradise or the scientific name Paradisaea Rudolphi is a kind of medium-sized birds of paradise, with a length of about 30cm, the distribution of the genus Paradisaea.Daerah Blue Paradise found in the forests of the eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea and the south, usually from a height of 1,400 meters to 1,800 meters altitude above sea level.

2. Red Paradise
Red Paradise, or the scientific name Paradisaea rubra is a kind of medium-sized warbler, with a length of about 33cm, from the clan Paradisaea. Endemic to Indonesia, Red Paradise found only in lowland forests on the island and Batanta Waigeo in Raja Ampat, West Irian Jaya province.

3. Peacock Blue
Peacock Peacock Blue or India, which the scientific name Pavo cristatus is one of the birds of three species of peacock. Blue peacock feathers have a glossy dark blue. Large adult males, can reach 230cm in length, with a very long tail covering green metallic. Blue Peacock population scattered in the open forest with grasslands in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. Previously this species was found also in Bangladesh, but now most likely extinct there.

4. Bali Starling
Bali Starling or the scientific name Leucopsar rothschildi is a kind of warbler-sized, approximately 25cm long, from the tribe Sturnidae. Endemic to Indonesia, Bali Starling is found only in the forests west of the island of Bali. This bird is also the only species endemic to Bali, which in 1991 was named the fauna symbol of Bali province. The existence of this endemic animal protected by law.

5. Cekakak-Malay forest
Cekakak-forest has a unique and distinctive sound. In general, they are loud. Whistling high and reads "kwii-kwii ...". Uniquely, each whistle is produced around one note per second. This kind of birds live in the woods and hunting from a low perch. Unlike the loud voice, this bird was a bit shy. They only seek their prey from the ground up to keep turning the leaves.

6. Nuri Black Wings
Nuri Nuri black or red wing of Biak, which is the scientific name cyanogenia Eos is a kind of parrot-sized, with a length of about 30cm, from the tribe of Psittacidae. Endemic to Indonesia, Nuri-black wings are found only in forest habitat on the island of Biak coast and islands in the Gulf of Paradise, Papua. This species is often found, and nest in coconut plantations.

7. Palm Cockato  
These species live at an altitude of 0-1520 meters above sea level, usually in groups. Cockatoos are generally long-lived, until reaching 60 years or more. Cockatoo inhabits primary and secondary forests are high and the forest edge; also monsoon forests (Nusa Tenggara), high bush forest, rare trees and shrubs cultivated land that the tree is rare. From sea level to a height of 900 m (Sulawesi), 1520 m (Lombok), 1000 m (Sumbawa)

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