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History of Mountain and Rock Climbing in Indonesia continue 2

Only those people who have the courage and the very high confidence may engage in rock climbing and mountain climbing.
One hundred years of climbing the first ascent of the Matterhorn is celebrated with coverage Hornli et al. By BBC / TV up to the top. For the first time rock climbing and mountain climbing a sport that can also be 'watched' the people.
Robbins and John Harlin U.S. dri make a straight line on the west wall du Dru, U.S. climbers demonstrate excellence in long, hard climb. Government to close climbing the Himalayas in Nepal territory.

Revolution for ice climbers. Chouinnard introduce endless curved ice ax, and McInnes offer Terodactyl type. The birth of tubular ice screws raise the standard of climbing ice climbing.
The use of rope kernmantle spearheaded by the British.

Breath of fresh air for the climbers, a Catholic mission-owned airport opened (Ji Irian. But the basic shit, almost simultaneously with the government no longer issuing permits Rl climbing Carstensz region.

Reinhold Messner was out of his hermitage on the cliffs of the Eastern Alps, meluruk to the west, brushing the giant ice wall Drotes test within 81/2 hours solo, breaking the previous record of 3 days.
Japanese climber, climbers began to flood the market in the Alps, among others, make new tracks in the Eiger.
Census British Mountaineering Club (BMC) said there were 500 000 45 000 climbers and walkers, in the UK alone.
Number premiere magazine 'Mountain' in circulation, a media mountaineer and rock climber first widely circulated in English, so much influence over the development of debate and opinion.
Nepal government to reopen the area to climb the Himalayas, with some new regulations and limit the ascent to the peaks listed in the permitted peaks only. Commercial trekking agencies such as lice grow and lots of yak, tickling the small groups from outside the 'play' in the Himalayas with a simple and inexpensive.
Soe Hok Gie and ldhan Lubis died on Mount Semeru, exposed to toxic gas.

Annapurna South wall encroached upon the English team, cut the ribbon opening the era of the climb hard routes on big mountains. Level of difficulty trajectory becomes more important than just reach the top. It could not be separated from the more sophisticated the ice climbing gear, climbing speed increased dramatically.
In the Alps artificial climbing techniques add popular and rich. More or less this year also born branch climbing wall. The cliffs made the first known person most likely established at the University of Leeds, UK. Designer Don Robinson, who also designed the climbing wall in Acker's Trust, Birmingham, first climbing wall that is claimed to be able to accommodate any grip, pljakan and rock climbing movement, while offering a form of artistic sculpture.
Accordingly, a separate exercise forms began to reverberate in rock climbing. One of the founders is Pete Livesey, who is also a climber and sports lovers speleologi canoeing, and no basis in athletics as a sprinter. Pete knows the importance of specific training for the types of sport. And he tried to apply the same principles in rock climbing. Slowly but surely, rock climbing began to be viewed more as an athletic activity, rather than just 'rah-rah on the cliff'. No longer adequate slogan 'best training for climber is climbing', let alone to cultivate manliness through the glasses of beer, as long as and adopted.

The area was reopened to climbing Carstensz, immediately invaded by expeditions from Australia, Germany, U.S., and even Hong Kong. Mapala UI this year also made it to the Puncak Jaya, among others, by Herman O. Busy processing and loud, the first Indonesian civilians.

Climbing wall for the first time included in the Olympic schedule, which is demonstrated in the Munich Olympics.

Partner Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler climb Hidden Peak (8068 m) in the Karakoram, 3 days with the Alpine push, then break the speed record Eiger, 10 hours.

The expedition team from Japan became the first woman to summit Everest stamped. Meanwhile, China sent its first team, from the northeast ridge. Ice climbing equipment more complete and more accurate weather forecasts with computer intervention. Consequently, as there is no longer the remote corners of the Alps.
However, the spots began to feel merisihkan magnesium limestone cliffs in the UK and mainland Europe, most of the alleged act of climber-climbers 'green', which sell magnesium on trajectories that should be exceeded without the powder.

Suliztiarto Harry could no longer restrain his obsession, with a nylon rope he began training in Citatah rock climbing, and dibelay by his aides. The first stakes of modern rock climbing in Indonesia.
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