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History of Mountain and Rock Climbing in Indonesia continue 3

the people with courage and a very high confidence may engage in rock climbing and mountain climbing.
Rock Climbing Skygers Amateur Group was founded in London by Harry Suliztiaito, Agus Resmonohadi, Heri Hermanu, Deddy Wisdom. This is the beginning of the spread of rock climbing activities in Indonesia.
New Zealand expedition tried to climb Everest without Sherpas. They just up to South Col, but they seemed to hit their gong echoes merantak everywhere, 'self-sufficient expedition'. The pros consider it as honesty are mandatory, the counter abusive as a silly vanity. The debate is not finished until now.

Messner and Habeler kangouw alarmed the world by climbing the Himalayas Everest without using bottled oxygen. Add a tantrum when his solo Messner Nanga PQrtied within 12 days. This solo ascent by many experts considered more important than the climb without oxygen.
Nepal government permitted to add a few peaks.

Harry climbed onto the roof Suliztiarto Planetarium, Taman Ismail Marzuki.

Parang cliff for the first time by a team of ITB, under the leadership of Harry Sulisztiarto. Wanadri to organize the first expedition to Carstensz in Jayawijaya Mountains. Skygers school organizes rock climbing for the first time. Until now no longer the group that made rock climbing for public education like this.

Government of Nepal winter climbing opportunities, in addition to spring and autumn. More and more flattened foot paths dipelbagai remote Himalayas, high kikan garbage piled up here and there. Instead, it is said more and more foreign exchange flowing into it. But who's richer?
Two expeditions in Indonesia as well as the south wall of the Carstensz, Mapala Ul and ITB. One member of the team Mapala Ul, Hartono Basuki, died here. My Community of London sends mountaineers Danardana attend school at Glenmore Lodge, Scotland, continued ascent of the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

My Community sends people back, Irwanto, the climbing school in the ISM, Switzerland, 4 people dilanjulkan expedition to Mont Blanc in France, and the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa in Switzerland.
Ahmad of the London Gideon died in cliff fall 48 Citatah, the first victim of rock climbing in Indonesia.

UGM (Mapagama) Gajah Mada expedition team sent to Irian Jaya. The team reached the summit climb Carstensz Pyramide through normal channels.
Linga cliff in Psychology, East Java, as well as coastal cliffs at Uluwatu Bali, managed to climb by a group Skygers with GAP (Joint Child Adventurers) from Surabaya.

Serelo cliff in Lahat, South Sumatra, had climbed by a team calling itself the Juvenile Expedition. Ul Mapala expedition failed to reach Chulu West Peak (6584 m) in the Himalayas, Nepal. My Community failed expedition to climb the Eiger Nordwand.

Exclusive combined group scaled the cliffs on the southern Bambapuang Toraja, South Sulawesi.
Ketompok UKL (Environmental Know Unit) Univeritas Pajajaran Lanang Bandung Mountain climbing in East Java.
My Community Bandung-climber climbers completed on Wall Ponot Sigura-gura waterfall, North Sumatra.
My Community repeat expedition climbing the Eiger, berthasil, creating a new path. Mapala Ul sent an expedition to the summit of Kilimanjaro (5895 m) in Africa, among others, Don Hasman (Journalist Pearl).
The first rock climbing competition in the world held in the Soviet Union, on the cliffs of nature, and was also aired oteh TVRI.

Four expedition members killed Aranyacala Trisakti University Pengacau Irian mob attacked on the way to Jayawaijaya.
Wanadri climbing expedition completed the Camel Rock Climbing in West Kalimantan. Trupala group climbing Mount Elephant in Central Java. Pikul Skygers eaten in East Java.
Several expeditions and climbers Indonesia sent abroad. Mapala Ul to Top of Chimborazo (6267 m) and Cayambe (unsuccessfully) in the Andes of South America.
Women's Himalayan Expedition to Climb Indonesia lmja Tse, the Himalayas, almost simultaneously with two members of the expedition which was originally Marathon Saddle My Community ambitious but shouldering the bike to the top of the bureaucracy terhadang Nepal. In Africa, the bike expedition succeeded in achieving the highest peak, Kilimanjaro (5895 m) and Mount Kenya (5199 m, without a bike).
Wanadri expedition failed to reach the peak of Vasuki Parbat (6792 m) in Garhwal Himalaya, India.
The first rock climbing competition held in Indonesia in Jimbaran beach cliffs at Ball.

Climbing wall for the first time introduced in Indonesia, carried by four French climbers who were invited athletes for their cooperation with the Office Affairs French Embassy in Jakarta. They also had to provide knowledge through short courses for climbers, our climbers. Simultaneously, birth & Climbing Mountain Climbing Federation Indonesia, chaired by Harry Suliztiarto.
For the first time prepared a series of championships to compete for the World Cup Climbing Wall is sanctioned and supervised directly by the UIAA (International agency that oversees the federations rock climbing and mountain climbers), beginning with the championship at Snowbird, Utah, USA.
The first climbing expedition conducted entirely by women, Princess Expedition Aranyacala Parang, Tower III. While climbing the cliffs of Mount twin sons in Citeureup.
UKL expedition in Stone Camel Unpad Bandung, West Kalimantan, lost one of its members, Yanto Martogi Sitanggang free fall. Speed
​​climbing in Indonesia conducted by Sandy & Teak, on the north wall of Parang, 3 hours. Was also a big wall climbing the first without the use of safety devices at all, they are only connected by a rope.
Race rock 'artificial cliff' first performed in London, took the wall of an electric substation.
Wanadri expedition succeeded in placing in the top 3 pendakinya Pumori (7145 m) in the Himalayas, Nepal, followed by the pair of Vera Hendricus Mutter and climb Imja Tse My Community (6189 m), without the help of sherpas.
Then in the Alps, My Community Speed
​​Climbing Expedition failed to meet the target within 2 days of climbing the Eiger north wall, stretches to 5 days. While the expedition from Jakarta Pataga succeeded in creating a new path on the same wall.
In Yosemite, USA, Sandy Febyanto and Teak Pranoto My Community climbing cliffs of Half Dome (failed to solve retor John Bachar and Peter Croft 4.5 hours) and the cliffs of El Capitan (failed to break the record 10.5 hours).

Early years crouched world of rock climbing disaster-stricken Indonesia, the death of one of Indonesia's best climber, Sandy Febyanto, fell in Pawon Cliffs, Citatah. But soon, the spirit of the deceased as it spreads out in all directions, printing spur of rock climbing achievements in this Mother Earth.
Climbing team YOGYAKRTA / TPTY an expedition to the North wall, but failed to reach the summit Carstensz is direct, but managed to climb Carstensz normal path before.
Encroached upon the child's return Citeureup Aranyacala, this time Cliff Rungking.
Arek-arek Young Pioneer of Malang Mungkur Elephant rock climbing in around the crater of Mount Kelud. Then the team in its preparation to My Community Lhotse Shar in Nepal, set a target to climb all the tops of the cliffs around the crater of Kelud before, but to no avail. Expedition Lhotse Shar cancel to leave it alone.
Uluwatu cliff climbing expedition is the second daughter, of Mahitala Unpar.
MEGA Group University Terumanegara conduct Marathon Rock Climbing Expedition, a row in the cliffs Citatah, Parang, Elephant Mungkur, and ends at Uluwatu, in almost a month, the first marathon of rock climbing in Indonesia. Lipstick Princess Aranyacala expedition he Bambapuang, but the accident happened before the peak tergapai. Coal Irfan Ali, team photographer, was killed slipped from the heights.
This year recorded no less than ten championships held in Indonesia climbing wall. Some are great, among others at the University of Parahyangan Bandung, Jakarta Trisakti University, ISTN Jakarta, at the headquarters of Kopassus Group I Attack, twice by Trupala SMA-6 (in the Central Council and Ancol), and SMA 70 Jakarta Bulungan, KAPA FT group Ul, Geology ITB.
Ul Mapala make two expeditions, Mount Cook (3764 m) in New Zealand and the peak of McKinley (6149 m) in Alaska. Four members Wanadri ice climbing course at Rainier Mountaineering Institute in the U.S., followed by joining the U.S. expedition to Kangchenjunga in the Himalayas.
In the Alps, Alpine Women's Expedition Indonesia also successfully completed its mission, the fifth climb the highest peak in 5 countries of Europe, Mont Blanc (4807m, France), Grand Paradiso (4601 m, Italy), marts Rosa (4634 m, Switzerland), Grossgiockner (3978 m, Austria) and Zugsptee (2964 m, West Germany).
Later this year closed with a buzz Budi Cahyono perform solo climbing on Tower III Cliffs Parang. Artificial solo big wall climbing on the first in Indonesia.

Aryati became the first Asian woman who had set foot on the peak of Annapurna IV, the Himalayas, the Annapurna Expedition Princess Patria Indonesia.
Climbing Team Heroine team Yogyakarta (6 people) to make a path in Bukit Embankment, Tulung Agung, East Java.

World Adventure Indonesia again mourning the loss of two of its best, Norman Edwin and Didiek Syamsu, UI Mapala members were killed in a storm on Mount Aconcagua lunge, Argentina.
Putri Indonesia expedition climbers set foot on the peak of Cima Ovest Cliffs, Tre Cime, Italy.
Princess Equator Expedition Climbing Team Yogyakarta climb the north wall of Dark Hill, Sintang, West Kalimantan.

Clara Sumarwati create controversy in the climbing on Everest, the highest peak in the Himalayas on 26 September 1996. Many people in Indonesia who doubts that his feet had been planted on the highest peak in the world. But based on data from Adventure in January 2002 the name was listed as Clara Sumarwati to 836 Everest climbers.


Clara followed Asmujiono Pratu set foot on Mount Everest on April 26. According to the Adventure, he was the man to 851. Asmujiono Everest expedition team set off with Indonesia which is a combination of civilian members of Kopassus and other climbers.
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