Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cokek traditional Betawi dances

Cokek dance is a dance that originated from Betawi culture of ancient times. Today the orchestra Gambang Kromong used to accompany the creation of new dance performances, performances of new creations, such as dance Worship Nyai, Betel Yellow and so on, as well as the accompaniment of dance social dance called cokek. 

Cokek dance danced in pairs between men and women. Tanggerang typical dance culture is colored by ethnic Chinese. Dancers wearing kebaya called cokek. Cokek dance-like or similar sintren of Cirebon ronggeng in Central Java. This dance is often synonymous with keerotisan dancers, which is considered taboo by most people.

As the opening of the dance is wawayangan cokek. Cokek dancers lined up lengthwise, walking back and forth to the rhythm of Gambang Kromong. Beat out his hands to shoulder height range of leg movement.

After that they invite guests to dance together, with draping scarves. first of all to guests who are considered the most honorable. When entrusted with the scarf would come to dance then they began ngibing, dancing in pairs. Each pair face in close proximity but not touching. There are times when the couples are each other's backs. If the usual place freely enough there is also rotate in a circular motion that is wide enough. 
Cokek dancer outfit usually consists of braces shirts and trousers made from a kind of colored silk.

There is a bright-red, green, purple, yellow and so on, plain and conspicuous. At the lower end of normal pants adorned with a matching colored fabric. A piece of long scarf tied at the waist with both ends loose hair was slicked down neatly slicked back. There is also a braided then disanggulkan whose shape is not so large, furnished with rocking hairpin.

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