Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cool and Beautiful Nature Majalengka

One of the districts in West Java province is endowed with beautiful landscapes and charming. This area has a low plateau in the north and highlands in the south,

Besides being known as a producer of agro commodities business will be reliable, such as fruits, tea, rice, and pulses. Majalengka save the tourism potential of the natural charm of the enchanting and beautiful.

One is the waterfall Estuary Jaya or often referred to as the waterfall Apuy. Jaya Muara waterfall is a natural attractions of scenic waterfall in the village of Argamukti, Argapura District, about 23 Km from Majalengka and 11 Km from Market Maja.

Along the way to the tourist area of ​​Muara Jaya waterfall, you can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape that is dominated by plantation crops and vegetables, low-lying areas that are under, and the might of Mount Ciremai that stands proudly at the eastern horizon.

Overflow of water is crystal clear waterfall Estuary Jaya's challenge to be conquered. Just playing around or bath is a fun activity that many tourists do, even in conditions of water temperature is quite cold. When a holiday comes, many visitors who come and enliven the waterfall Estuary Jaya.

Natural coolness and beauty of the area is also often the reason for tourists to accidentally come and camp in this area. While they are more adventurous and somewhat obsessed with height, they typically make use of curves and winding estuary Jaya waterfall area as a way to conquer the summit of Mount Ciremai courage.

Administratively Majalengka Indramayu district bordering on the north, County and District Brass Cirebon in the east, and the Kudat District Tasikmalaya District in the south, and west of the District Sumedang.

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