Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bungin Island Sumbawa, the most populous island in the world

Vice Governor of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Badrul Munir will bring 12 heads of agencies to come to the world's most populous island, Sumbawa regency Bungin on Friday morning, July 6, 2012. Because, Badrul want to promote small island populated the Bajo Sulawesi origin.

Tri NTB provincial government spokesman Budi Prayitno describes as a venue determination Bungin Archipelago Day and is delivered as a tourist attraction, Thursday afternoon, July 5, 2012. This is the uniqueness of the island. The island is densely populated and growing extent. '' Because of reclamation for the addition of new family-friendly,'' he said.

Where the Bungin? The island is located in front of the entrance to the bay Alas Alas districts, 70 kilometers west of the town of Sumbawa Besar, capital of Sumbawa regency. Bungin Island is north district Alas. To come Bungin, in the old port of Labuan Alas available motor boat there called Jonson. She uses the 8 PK. The crossing is 3 miles into Bungin takes 10 minutes.

Although the island is relatively small, but there are available two pieces of the pier, on the south and west. Alas crossings Bungin quite crowded. There were eight boats that crossed Bungin Jonson-Alas since morning till dusk.

There seemed a sand beach that stretches around the island. Only the houses looked as if it was standing right on the water. Indeed, from near the base at least two feet jutted from the sea. The density of these islands can be felt so down the alley way concrete rebates of about 1.25 meters wide.

Similarly, the distance between the houses people who shaped the distinctive stilt houses Bajo Sulawesi as on Sumbawa Island. Almost no vast empty land except page two SD, in front of the mosque, and the front of the village. Except for complex primary and teacher housing.

The form is slightly rounded oval island. In this map, the island is seen as black dots. Based on data from Tempo, in 1994 the extent of 16 hectares. The island has the status of village government. Bungin divided into three hamlets that entirely covers 15 RT. According to Census 2010, the island was inhabited by 3025 people. Bungin broad reach 1.5 square kilometers.

This is because the density of the growing island. Each resident can build the house by way of providing their own land. That is, for those who want to own a home, can do it by expanding the island using a pile of rocks that are already dead.

According to a book published Know Sumbawa Government Relations Sumbawa, Bajo growing population as migrants from South Sulawesi, the island has insufficient land. As a man of the sea, houses built on stilts with a rock I build first on the seafront. Eventually we get a new house, then expanding island islands.

Because of the uniqueness of the island pace with the spread of houses, Bungin become one of the attractions for the Sumbawa district. Every Sunday the island is visited by foreign tourists.

At that time, the island is still able to be expanded to the north and east. Because, on the west and south is no longer possible because of the depth of the ocean is more than 2 meters. On average, each year, added 10 new houses on the island Bungin. Usually chosen to set up home in both the fasting month of Sha'ban.

Increasing a new home, the increased breadth of the island's land about one are or the size of their house 9 times 12 yards. All residents should not build a house without any restriction. The breadth is not rationed. But based on the capabilities of each. Because they have to collect the dead rock of the sea. How many rocks to be collected in an area of ​​land of 100 square meters and the height of the stack about 2 feet.

Typically, built a new house on the seafront was done by the new family before they move in with his parents. Locals, Amirudin, said the new family after marriage is not immediately built the house and broke away. But they have to prepare it first. They must abide by the law first home first. '' His name parents also still love the child. Maybe after a descent, if you want to be independent and her husband obviously had to make a home,'' said Amirudin.

To build the house, local residents first notify the neighbors. Permission granted if deemed eligible, for example, has a family. However, it should also unknown whether the desired location has not become the property of others.

Once the house is set to be established by a person, the area was marked with poles and piles of stones. Simply by marking the location, the people can no longer take it. Employment set up houses on stilts made of wood Poster boards work together is done. The tradition of mutual aid is characterized laughter-laughter (brass gongs) as a sign of the'' work''.

About the time limit to build the house, no provisions. All depends on the capabilities of each. It could be a lot stronger mengkavling origin.

Intermittent Martawin two houses of residence, are still empty. Though the sea was there was a house standing. If you have this, can rush to lift the rock of the boat.

Rock heap as high as 2 meters of land his collected Kaung island. Some homes are built to 7 years. One of them was built Martawin which is now inside. Therefore, to the seafront behind his house is now the home there are 3 layers. About 14 years there have been 3.

For home base, they take sea corals died. It is associated with legal education ever undertaken by the State Attorney Sumbawa Besar on Bylaw No. 5 of 1982 relating to the destruction of nature conservation penalty for making a rock.

Just a pity, the houses there to say no one has a shower and toilet. Like most people there, they go bathe and defecate in the sea. At home, they just flush again just rinsing the sea water in the body using fresh water stored in the bucket.

To get fresh water is, in fact since 1990 the island Bungin obtain clean water supply through a subsea pipeline from the river on the mainland Marente-Alas Sumbawa 7 kilometers away from the island Bungin. Construction of water lines at a cost of approximately USD 100 million. At the same time the use of electricity as well inaugurated also from Sumbawa mainland, by Afif Saleh, who was chairman of the National Development Planning Agency.

Previously, the residents get clean water at an old well that is Nange across Sumbawa mainland. Prior to any boat called Jonson, those requiring fresh water rowing boat for 20 minutes. Nange old wells is believed by residents as well Bungin sacred.

However, the villages there is relatively clean. There's no trash heap scattered. Meeting environmental conditions and lack of enough clean water for a healthy life like it did not make settlers willing to move from the island.

History Bungin populated Bajo, calculated according to the story since the arrival Palema Mayo before the eruption of Mount Tambora in Sumbawa mainland, in 1812. Palema Mayu is one of 6 children Selayar king. Why Palema Mayo to Bungin, no one knows. At that time, the island's white sandy Bungin empty. Only the mangrove trees only.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Paradise on the island of Moyo, Sumbawa

Foreign tourists, People Caucasians only way to fly to Moyo Island in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) to enjoy the beautiful island of Moyo, should we Indonesian people do not know there is a 'paradise island' in there?

Yes, this is the exotic atmosphere on the island of Moyo, Sumbawa regency, West Nusa Tenggara.
Moyo Island offers a world-class natural exoticism, as unspoilt beaches, crystal clear water, fresh air atmosphere wrapped in silence and coral reefs are still sustainable.
Moyo Island is a tiny island located in the northern island of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. The extent of 330 square km, with a maximum height of 671 m and 88 km of coastline. Administratively, the island including Sumbawa regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

 Moyo Island has a variety of natural resources ranging from rain forests, mangrove forests and grasslands. In addition, a visit to this island should also be prepared to see hundreds of butterflies flying and a variety of birds as well as fish and coral reefs are extraordinarily beautiful.

Moyo Island is a paradise for bird lovers. Of 124 species of birds found in Sumbawa, 86 types of which are in the island. Rare bird species can also be found here. Among them is the yellow-headed cockatoos and birds Gosong Tanimbar (Megapodius tenimberensis). The last bird, is unique because it relies on plants and twigs to produce heat during the incubation period of the eggs.

When visiting this island, we could see the beauty of unspoiled nature. Forests are beautiful and almost untouched, waterfalls and natural rivers, as well as the beauty of the endless sea. In addition to hiking in the woods and along the streams and waterfalls, some caves which can be reached on foot can be an alternative activity. One is Gua Ai Manis to be achieved with a bit of rock climbing. This cave where hundreds of bats breeding. In addition, other activities that you can do is tracking for two hours can be started from Labuan Haji, toward the waterfall Brang Rea (Great River) located in the center of the island.

Though small, deserted island but has incredible natural wealth, managed to lure some big caliber Lady Diana and Mick Jagger for a vacation. Moyo Island, a small island located in the northern island of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara province. Seeing the beauty of the beach, sea and nature, it offers peace for lovers of the beauty of the outdoors and underwater.
The late Princess Diana of the British Empire (the mother of Prince William) and former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin Van De Saar had been holidaying on the island. Scenery owned Moyo Island is not inferior to its panoramic island.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Traditional fishermen harbor Jepara

.Traditional fishermen are not much different in other places along the north or south of the island of Java that is the mouth of the river there's a bunch of traditional fishing boats and fishing nets are simple to catch fish, they usually go home at night and tomorrow morning as seen in the photo


Fishing port of Banten Karangantu

Fishermen harbor Karangantu Banten Banten Sultanate has existed since 1600, the Sultanate of Banten is a maritime empire, and rely on trade in sustaining its economy.
 Monopoly over the pepper trade in Lampung, put the ruler of Banten as well as brokers and Banten Sultanate developing rapidly, becoming one of the important commercial center at that time.
Developing sea trade throughout the archipelago, Jakarta became a multi-ethnic region. Assisted by the British, Danish and Chinese, Banten trade with Persia, India, Siam, Vietnam, Philippines, China and Japan.
Time of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa (reigned 1651-1682) is seen as the heyday of Banten. Under him, Banten has an impressive fleet, built on the example of Europe, and Europeans have also been hired to work in the Sultanate of Banten. In Metro Manila voyage to secure lines also sent his fleet into the Kingdom Sukadana or Tanjungpura (now West Kalimantan) and conquered it in 1661. At this time of Banten is also trying to get out of the pressure that made the VOC, which had previously conducted a blockade of merchant ships to Bantam.

 Banten is an important harbor from the standpoint of geography and economics because of its strategic location in the control of the Sunda Strait. The fall of Malacca into the hands of the Portuguese in 1511 led to Muslim traders are reluctant to pass through the Straits of Malacca.

 The traders who came from Arab, Persian, and Gujarati divert trade route to the Strait of Sunda, so they stopped at Karangantu. Since then, slowly but surely, Karangantu the center of international trade is much visited by merchants from the continent of Asia, Africa and Europe. Can imagine how big and bustling Bandar Karangantu time. Karangantu itself is situated not far from the sights in Metro Manila such as the Great Mosque of Banten, Kaibon, and others in District Kasemen, Attack - Banten.

Currently Karangantu only a small port that did not show evidence of his greatness in the past, otherwise the port once dubbed as the "Singapore of his Bantam" is now more impressed slums. Until now the port is still used for the port and trading center of fish, especially the attack itself untuki. In 1991 it had dredged the harbor to which ships can enter bertonase greater.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dancing on the beach Bali

Atmosphere of a quiet beach became frenzied when the dance was held there where held, of course, on the coast of the island of Bali

Sources: Youtube Video Dance in Bali beach

Dancing with the tourists on the coast of Bali

 when the atmosphere of a crowded beach and the hustle and bustle when the dance was held there with a lot of tourists from foreign countries, 

where organized, of course, on the coast of the island of Bali

Sources: Youtube Video Dance in Bali beach

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mount Padang Greater than site of Borobudur

Site wide Megalith Mount Padang, in the District Campaka, Cianjur, West Java, believed to be 10 times larger than Borobudur temple in Central Java, said Archaeologist Ali Akbar, an integrated team of independent research Gunung Padang, Sunday.

He said the belief that, based on the results after the opening structure in the eastern part of the site.

He explained that it found 20 more terraces into any part of the construction of Mount Padang today. Terrace often, it is predicted to extend up to 200 meters over the construction punden terraces, arranged neatly.

"Until now, we have reached a distance of one hundred meters terrace frequent presence in the east, to the north in a circle. This is 10 times larger than Borobudur," he said.

As for the structure in the south, the team gets into trouble because the south, the condition of the terraces are found, has allegedly catastrophic mess in the past that caused landslides and destroyed construction. But the team still found the remains of the structure of the small terrace.

To eskavasai western section, the team is plagued by landslides from the pile of soil that is next to the hill. In the west, the soil pile is much thicker than expected in the east and south. For this area the team just down the structure of the surface.
"From every corner of the stairs that allegedly found some way to the top of the staircase punden strengthened the springs every gerbangnnya. Most powerful of the entrance to the stomach kebagain and pathways that allow the site from the east," he said.

Sources: Cianjur (ANTARA)-, Jakarta -