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Main legend Jayabaya of Java

King Jayabaya king of Rum pendita Kediri met a very powerful, Maulana Ali Samsuyen. He is good at predicting and knowing where it is not happening. Jayabaya then apprenticed to him, the minister explained that the predictions in the book and tell Musaror planting of some 12,000 families by the envoy of Sultan Galbah on Rum, the person is then placed in the mountains Kendenag, then work clearing forests, but many are dying due to disturbance of spirits, jin, etc., it is the year 437  rum, and then ordered the Sultan of Rum again in Java and other islands with taking people from India, Kandi, Siam. Since the planting of these people until the end of 210 years commencing kobro solar months old or 2163 years, the minister said the people in Java are studied him about the prophecy was Hajar Subroto in G. Padang. A few days later forecasts Jayabaya write Java since planted a second time until the end, the length of solar year 2100. His prediction became Tri-takali, namely:
Actually this term is the translation Jayabaya great poet: R.Ng Ranggawarsita (1804-1873 M / poet, philosopher and astrologer) of the prophecy of King's works have been collected Jayabaya Surakarta palace library, so the language used is Java now, not the original language of Ancient Javanese

• I. Age of onset is called KALI-Voice, the length of the sun year 700  (year 721  month). At Waku it in Java many sounds of nature, celestial commotion, lightning, lightning, and many miraculous events that caused many humans to become gods and the gods down to earth to be human.
II. Medieval, called KALI-YOGA, many changes in the earth, the earth split resulted in small islands, many creatures are the wrong way, because the people who died many incarnate (Nitis).
III. The end times called KALI-SANGARA, 700 years old. One prey and lots of rain and river shifted many times, the earth is less useful, postponing happiness, relieve-received, because the dead man who still holds a lot of knowledge.
Three times they will. Each divided into Saptama-time, meaning little time, every time the average was 100 years old. The Sun (103 years old. Months), as shown below:
I. Voice TIMES TIMES-divided into:
1. Kala-kukila 100 th, (Th. 1-100): His life as a bird person, scrambling, where the strong one who wins, there is no king, so there is no governing / ruling.
2. Kala-buddha (Th. 101-200): The beginning of the Javanese Buddhism entered Hyang agadnata according to Shari'a (Guru).
3. Kala-Brawa (Th. 201-300): The people of Java set the worship to God, because many of the god who descended to earth science broadcasting.
4. Kala-tirta (Th. 301-400): Heavy floods, stagnant sea water inland, along the waters of the earth be split in two. The west is called the island of Sumatra, and many emerging sources of water, called the banner, moderate, lake, etc..
5. Kala-swabara (Th. 401-500): A lot of miracles that appear or happen to humans.
6. Kala-rebawa (Th. 501-600): The person holding keramaian2-art Java and so on.
7. Kala-prototype (Th. 601-700): Many large orang2 tumbuh2an descendants who have become the common man is getting to be a big one again.
II. KALA TIMES-YOGA is divided into:
1. Kala-Brata (Th. 701-800): The experience of living as hermits.
2. Kala-drawa (Th. 801-900): Many people get inspired, clever people to explain things that are unseen.
3. Kala-dwawara (Th. 901-1000): Many events are impossible.
4. Kala-praniti (Th. 1001-1101): A lot of people concerned with the act of thought.
5. Kala-teteka (Th. 1101-1200): A lot of people coming from other countries.
6. Kala-wisesa (Th. 1201-1300): A lot of people are condemned.
7. Kala-wizard (Th. 1301-1400): Many people slandered.
1. Kala-poet (Th. 1401-1500): A lot of people act of greatness.
2. Kala-sakti (Th. 1501-1600): A lot of people act of supernatural power.
3. Kala-jaya (Th. 1601-1700): A lot of people act of strength for the backbone of life.
4. Kala-bendu (Th. 1701-1800): A lot of people love to argue, eventually clash.
5. Kala-suba (Th. 1801-1900): The island of Java from prosperous, without difficulty, the good mood.
6. Kala-sumbaga (Th. 1901-2000): A lot of famous people good and great.
7. Kala-surasa (Th. 2001-2100): Java bustling prosperous, completely regular, there is no difficulty, many people the act of love.

Jayabaya written forecast was approved by the minister Ali Samsujen, then the priest returned to his country, escorted by Jayabaya Jaya and son-amijaya crown in Pagedongan, arrived at the border. Jayabaya accompanied by his son went to Mount Padang, was greeted by Subrata Festive semadinya and accepted in the studio. The Anjar want to test the famous King as pejelmaan Batara Vishnu, so he signaled to his endang (young maid) to serve a treat that consists of:
1. Turmeric (turmeric) is one root
2. Juadah one takir (bowls made from banana leaves)
3. Spaghetti (sugary sesame seeds) one takir
4. Kajar (bitter sweet countrymen Senthe memabokkan one rod)
1. Garlic is one takir
2. Jasmine flowers one takir
3. Flower chrysanthemums (fife; tluki) one takir
Subrata Anjar dish was handed to the prabu. King Jayabaya instantly became angry and drew his dagger, the Anjar ditikamnya to death, his remains disappeared muksa. Laripun ditikamnya Endangnya want anyway and died instantly.
        The crown prince was astonished incensed the King that killed-in-law (Anjar Subrata) without sin. Seeing her crown sad son, came home after King Jayabaya said gently. "Yes my son crown prince, do not be saddened by the death-in-law, because in fact guilty of the palace. He intended to accelerate the end, the king in the land of Java that has not happened. The Festive Dishes will be a symbol of the things that has not happened. If I welcome (the dishes) there would be no kingdom, but only the priests of the people who are respected by the people, because according to my teacher Ali Samsujen Sire, all science Subjects were the same as all ilmuku ".
        The head bertunduk prabu anom understand, then please explain the dishes in conjunction with the royal priest-kingdom is concerned, the word King Jayabaya, "Know, my son, that I was the incarnation Vishnu Murti, is obliged to bring prosperity to the world, while it stayed penjelmaanku two more times. After this incarnation in Karachi, I'm gonna break and the last Malawapati Jenggala, after that I will no longer manifest in Java, because it is not a duty anymore. Tata or destruction of the universe I had not joined in, as well as my situation is unseen united with state-stick in the head teacher. It was then that the things that are symbolized by the Festive dishes earlier. Posted on 7 levels of kingdom, natural turn, different rules. Wasiatkanlah it to your children's children in the future ".
The description of 7 (seven) the palace was as follows:
I. Kalawisesa Anderpati era in time, capital Pajajaran, without a fair and rules. Small sacrifice in the service of gold. That's what diperlambangkan in the Festive treats in the form of turmeric. The disappearance of the kingdom because of fights between siblings. Strong worsen in the years of war kesukaanya would damage the country.
II. Age Srikala Rajapati Dewaraja, the capital of Majapahit, there is a temporary state regulations. Small sacrifice in the service of silver. That's a juadah diperlambangkan Festive treats. In the 100 th. Kraton is gone, because of a fight with his own son.
III. Kalawisaya Hadiyati era in time. There the start there is justice and the rule of law state, the capital of the kingdom in the NCO. Small sacrifice in the service of labor. That's what a treat diperlambangkan in the form of spaghetti. Kraton vanish as opposed to the holding power of the judiciary.
IV. Kalajangga era, bertakhtalah Batara like a king, his capital in the Display. There the start there is harmony rules in the matter. Small sacrifice in the service of all kinds of crops in the village. That's what diperlambangkan kajar in the form of a Festive treats. Disappearance of the kingdom because of a fight with a foster son.
V. Kala-powerful era that reigned king commissioned, the capital of Mataram. There the religion began there rules and regulations of the state. Small sacrifice in the service of silver. That is what is represented in the form of garlic Festive treats.
VI. Kala-glorious era in the reign of wrath, all the little tempered because of the difficulty of living as an ape, his capital in Wanakarta. Small sacrifice in the service of real money. That is the symbol of a treat in the form of jasmine flowers. Kingship was replaced by fellow sister because of the curse. There goes the benefit of the earth, much human suffering, there are resident in the street, there are in the market. Disappearance of the Palace because of a fight with foreign nations.
VII. . Kala-age at the time of king Hartati Bedu, meaning that a human purpose only treasure, there was the Palace back in the Display-Mataram. Small sacrifice in the service of all kinds, there is a gold-silver, rice, rice and so on. That is what is represented in the form of Subjects with suguhannya chrysanthemum. Higher and higher taxes on the small, in the form of weapons and farm animals, etc., because the increase is damaged, garbled, because the ill-natured princes-princes, the little people do not salute. King without paramarta, because there is no revelation, the revelation many demons, human nature changes.
        Women lost shame, no longing for family, no news is true, many people are destitute, often there is war, people are good at backward wisdom, crime worsen, people who dared to remain prominent irreverence, never got banned, many thieves confront in streets, many of the eclipse of the sun and moon, the rain of ashes, a symbol of the earthquake, typhoons, rain one prey, violent war, not the terms of his enemy.
        That's all symbolic of the Festive containing various undisclosed intent to endangnya found by King Jayabaya. It was near the end of time Kalabendu. Disappearance of the king as opposed to his rival (maru = honey). Then came the era of the glory of the king.
        At this prosperous island of Java, missing all the ills of the world, primarily due to the king of the unseen, the offspring is called the Queen Amisan primary because it is so vile and poor, the establishment of the least unconditionally, the wise king. Kratonnya Sunyaruri, meaning lonely without something means nothing hitch. Time is still a secret of God make the opposite situation, he became king as a priest, just paramarta, away from the property, called Sultan Herucakra.
        Arrival of the queen, without origin, did not complain of human reinforcements, soldiers only Sirullah, glory remembrance, but opponents fear. Hostile fall, tumpes sold out of the way, because the king wants the welfare state and the safety of the whole world.
        Not limited to only 7000 a year should not be more real. Earth one jung (widths. Kl. 4 shoulders) the tax year just one dinar, paddy fields a thousand (junk?) Result (tax) uwang only one day, no obligation free the others. Because everything is repentance, fear of being cursed (kuwalat) fair queen who reigned at the time Katangga Pethikat earth, in the woods Punhak. Sandwiched between the Karangbaya. To his son until he was gone, as opposed to their own desires.

        Then there is the Queen (King) Asmarakingkin, very beautiful apparently, the fruit of praise wadya said retainer, had its capital in Karachi. Descendants of the three moved to the land of Madura. Soon after the King vanished because they conflict with his girlfriend.
Then there are the three kings in one era, namely:
1. Her capital on earth Kapanasan
2. Her capital on earth Gegelang
3. Air-Tembalang capital on earth. After the 30 th. they fought each other, eventually all three vanished. At that time there was no king, the regent in Mancapraja stand on their own, because no one considered (respected).
        A few years later there was a king who comes from Sabrang (other countries). Nusa Srenggi became king in Java ibukotadi air-east of Mount Indrakila, at the foot of the mountain candramuka. A few years later came Rum combat soldier of the king of Nusa Srenggi, king of Nusa Srenggi lost, vanished with his army. The soldiers lifted the king's descendants Herucakra Rum, air-time capital of the east opaque, the country becomes more prosperous, called Ngamartalaya. Until the descendants of the three, came to life even 210 Sun Java Island. Forecasts above are connected with "The symbol of the Praja" which wrapped up the beautiful words describe the nature of the royal kingdom below:
A. Janggala
B. Pajajaran
D. Demak A. Display
B. MATARAM Kartasura
The last of the things that have happened are:
1. Madison Ketangga Pethik ground state
2. State Ketangga kajepit Karangboyo
3. Kediri
4. Overheated Earth, Gegelang (Jipang), Tembilang (Near Tembayat)
5. Ngamartalaya
        It must be noted that not all texts Jayabaya load forecast "Coat Praja". So this raises a lot of conjecture, that is a mere extra. Thus the crux Jayabaya forecast.

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