Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Traditional fishermen harbor Jepara

.Traditional fishermen are not much different in other places along the north or south of the island of Java that is the mouth of the river there's a bunch of traditional fishing boats and fishing nets are simple to catch fish, they usually go home at night and tomorrow morning as seen in the photo


Fishing port of Banten Karangantu

Fishermen harbor Karangantu Banten Banten Sultanate has existed since 1600, the Sultanate of Banten is a maritime empire, and rely on trade in sustaining its economy.
 Monopoly over the pepper trade in Lampung, put the ruler of Banten as well as brokers and Banten Sultanate developing rapidly, becoming one of the important commercial center at that time.
Developing sea trade throughout the archipelago, Jakarta became a multi-ethnic region. Assisted by the British, Danish and Chinese, Banten trade with Persia, India, Siam, Vietnam, Philippines, China and Japan.
Time of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa (reigned 1651-1682) is seen as the heyday of Banten. Under him, Banten has an impressive fleet, built on the example of Europe, and Europeans have also been hired to work in the Sultanate of Banten. In Metro Manila voyage to secure lines also sent his fleet into the Kingdom Sukadana or Tanjungpura (now West Kalimantan) and conquered it in 1661. At this time of Banten is also trying to get out of the pressure that made the VOC, which had previously conducted a blockade of merchant ships to Bantam.

 Banten is an important harbor from the standpoint of geography and economics because of its strategic location in the control of the Sunda Strait. The fall of Malacca into the hands of the Portuguese in 1511 led to Muslim traders are reluctant to pass through the Straits of Malacca.

 The traders who came from Arab, Persian, and Gujarati divert trade route to the Strait of Sunda, so they stopped at Karangantu. Since then, slowly but surely, Karangantu the center of international trade is much visited by merchants from the continent of Asia, Africa and Europe. Can imagine how big and bustling Bandar Karangantu time. Karangantu itself is situated not far from the sights in Metro Manila such as the Great Mosque of Banten, Kaibon, and others in District Kasemen, Attack - Banten.

Currently Karangantu only a small port that did not show evidence of his greatness in the past, otherwise the port once dubbed as the "Singapore of his Bantam" is now more impressed slums. Until now the port is still used for the port and trading center of fish, especially the attack itself untuki. In 1991 it had dredged the harbor to which ships can enter bertonase greater.