Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to make angklung

There was a very easy way of making Angklung, and requires only a simple material is bamboo as raw material to make angklung.

Angklung Making Materials
Not all bamboo sida used to make angklung, usually to find a good quality bamboo angklung makers using black bamboo in Sundanese called Awi. 

Lucky bamboo should be cut about 4 years old and harvested during the dry season to avoid moisture, thus producing a good sound of the angklung. So do not choose just any bamboo to make angklung.

How to Make Angklung
For how to make angklung is not too hard, black bamboo cutting is used to make hand jingkal angklung is 2 adults starting from the ground, after which it is stored in a bamboo stand until dry. After the fabric is dry angklung, bamboo is smoked by the fire to the bamboo really - really dry and growing louder. After the bamboo is ready to be cut, the smaller size of bamboo grew louder sound and vice versa.

After chopping the bamboo suit the desired tone of the bamboo craft symmetrically, the angklung was able to be used. each angklung has a different sound that consists of a few notes then, ready to start if you have multiple angklung orchestra. In some places that I visited angklung-making from a bamboo rod, can produce four pieces of angklung.  

In one week there are 300 angklung is successfully created, so that in a month on average produce 1200 angklung. Perhaps with this explanation you do not understand so come to places where the manufacture of angklung in some places that are well known in West Java. Let us together - just preserve traditional musical instruments such as the angklung and others.

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