Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hot water pond Maribaya

Tourist area, located about 27 km from the center of the city of Bandung, or 5 miles to the east offers a lot of charm Lembang that tourist love to pass.

In addition to air cool and fresh because it is located at an altitude of 1000 meters, the natural scenery around this area also feels good to be seen to linger.

One of the tourist attraction area of ​​5.5 hectares of mineral hot springs. If you want to enjoy the hot water, the manager has to accommodate the water into a pond measuring about 20x10 feet, temperature of 20-40 degrees centigrade.

When you see a yellowish water, do not think that the pool was dirty. Yellow water was derived from the high mineral content of sulfur.

If less comfortable with people soaking in hot tubs open this, please just go to the bathroom contains hot water that has flowed into the bath-tub. Here, your privacy will be maintained, but there is a time limit if you choose to enter the bathing room which is about 20 minutes.

Pemandain hot water entering the area you will be charged a tariff of Rp2.750 to Rp1.250 for adults and children. In addition to offering hot springs, Maribaya also flowed two rivers, the River and River Cikawari Cigulung.

Two of the three rivers that form the waterfall. There is a waterfall (waterfall) Cikawari, Cigulung waterfall and waterfall Cikoleang. But of the three waterfalls, the only waterfall Cikawari which basically quite shallow, so that could be used to play water.

In some locations there are two bridge facilities observers from the top and bottom sides to make it easy for visitors to enjoy the waterfalls more freely without fear of getting wet. In addition to the hot springs and waterfalls, the other charms that make visitors feel at home Maribaya linger asrinya nature is cool and mountains.
Maribaya formerly derived from the name of a very beautiful woman who became the source of excitement for young men. I was so fascinated by her beauty, youth in kampungya often quarreled so that at times can be bloodshed. That picture of the beauty Maribaya past. Because of the beauty and comfort of the region, the location of warm water baths were immortalized by the name Maribaya.
Beauty of scenery with waterfalls murmur is described as a beautiful girl that makes every young man to his knees. However, if current attractions Maribaya was the same that makes everyone want menyambanginya?

Since the start was developed in 1835 by Mercury Dinata Grandmother, father Maribaya, the location of attractions that successfully changed the lives of Mercury Dinata Grandmother who previously lived in poverty to self-sufficiency.
Many people who visit the place. They do not just come for the natural fresh air recreation mountains and hills, but many are treated by soaking in warm water.
Mercury Dinata grandparent who really just wanted to avoid bloodshed in his homeland, even got the blessing of wealth after managing the mineral hot springs that can be used for treatment. Maribaya family income from the visitors who come flocking.
As the name implies, Hot Water attractions Maribaya Maribaya located in Bandung regency. Its location is strategic enough to make anyone want menyambanginya easy to find


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