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Traditional musical instruments Bamboo Flute

Bamboo Flute / Flute Sunda

Bamboo Flute
Almost all parts of Indonesia there is a tool of the Bamboo Flute Music, the most commonly known is a Sundanese Flute music.

Bamboo flute is a musical instrument into a traditional musical instrument of the Pasundan, materials to make this instrument is very simple with only bamboo, but bamboo used is not arbitrary types of bamboo must specify the size and shape.
Although it looks simple flute sunda no mistake harmonization of the sound produced is not inferior to modern brass instrument such as harmonica, recorder, saxophone music simple dll.Alat it looks boring and monotonous when played with a high skill rhythm foster the spirit of regionalism, especially for those people Pasundan

This instrument is a wind instrument made ​​of bamboo Tamiang, a type of bamboo that are thin and small in diameter making it suitable to be distilled, distilled sunda called "flute" used to accompany Kacapi, gamelan and Sundanese gamelan Tembang, the sound is very unique and evoke the soul of the listener, it is because the scale of the flute tone and spirit of the flute player. There are 4 tone scales for flute Sunda:

1. pelog Degung

2. Madenda or Sorog

3. Salendro

4. Mandalungan

There are two factors that affect both the flute tone:

1. The position of the finger.
    2. Flow rate of air blown by mouth.

Fingering position changes the resonant wavelength of sound in the flute body. Depending on the distance to the nearest hole to the head of the flute, different notes can be generated. Air flow rate can also change the tone frequency. A note with twice frequency can be produced mostly by blowing air into the flute's head with a hole twice the speed.

In the area of ​​Sunda, a flute is used as

1. One of the main instruments in the flute Kacapi
2. Accompanying gamelan instruments in a gamelan, Tembang Sunda

Flute has two kinds of holes there are 4 holes or 6 holes. A 6 hole flute can play at least three sunda different scales.

1. Pelog Degung: mi na ti la da da [1 2 3 4 5 1],
     nearly correspond to the mi fa sol do [1 '7 5 4 3 1] in the Western diatonic tones.
2. Madenda or Sorog: mi na ti la da da [1 2 3 4 5 1],
     almost similar to the fa mi fa la [4 '3 '1' 7 6 4] in the Western diatonic tones.
3. Salendro: mi na ti la da da [1 2 3 4 5 1],
     almost similar to re-do la sol fa re [2 '1 '6 5 4 2] in the Western diatonic tones
4. Mandalungan: the scale is rarely used

a more modern flute

Examples of the dominant rhythm of flute music
some examples      Suara  Parahyangan        
                                  Dominant  Flute  


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