Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The beauty of the Krakal coast Gunung Kidul

One of the beaches to visit when you want or are doing shore excursions in the area is Gunungkidul Krakal Coast.

This beach will give you all the things that is envisioned as a panorama of the beach. Along the way to the beach Krakal, see beautiful scenery of limestone hills with coral boulders.

 Krakal beach itself is famous as the beach is relatively low so as to make the sun rise beach horizon. This beach receives the heat of the sun from morning to evening all year round with the sea breeze is blown very cool, with a pretty big waves. Also has a fine sand beach on the shore terhambar extends as far as 5 km.

 There are many fun activities you can do here. For example, playing with the ocean waves along the beach or looking for ornamental fish in a mossy shore Krakal.

The trip to the beach Krakal must traverse limestone hills, interspersed with rock terraces. This is characteristic of the area Krakal full of karst rocks.

 Based on geological studies, in the days of the past, this area is the basis of the ocean. Gradually a process of removal that occurs in the earth's crust, the ocean floor is becoming increasingly rising and eventually emerged as the highlands. Therefore this area is filled with coral rocks is the result of removal from the seabed.

Krakal beach located about 21 kilometers from Wonosari, its location is located approximately 7 km to the east of the main road that branched off to the beach Baron. To reach this beach could use public transport or private which takes about 2 hours drive.


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