Saturday, May 14, 2011

Carving a beautiful natural

Here's a beautiful natural landscape that we can see.
From the top of the mountains.

From the bowels of the earth below

Pacitan Indonesia - East Java was indeed save a lot of charm. Wherever the place, a variety of beauty and natural wonders to be found. Likewise in Pacitan, East Java, which has been attached to the barren mountains and arid, you can find tourist Gua Gong amazing.

Gua Gong is one of the caves hidden in the belly of small mountains in Pacitan. This cave is a cave with a length of about 256 horizotal meters. According to some researchers and foreign tourists, this cave is also the most beautiful caves in Southeast Asia.

Being in a cave, you'll see the composition of stalactites and stalagmites with age hundreds of years. Carving nature is very admirable. Flow and water drops for hundreds of years has made a valuable artwork.

In addition to stalactites and stalagmites, also formed a combination of both poles (coloumn) that resembles a Gothic pile. When exposed to light reflection of colorful lights, this ornament will look more beautiful.
One very beautiful ornament is a set of curtains (drapery) is filled with giant spots pearls glow like fireflies. The atmosphere is dimly lit cave increasingly add sparkling thousands of tiny dots.
The beauty of the amazing cave ornaments immortalized by various names, such as Earth Cengger Selo, Selo Giri Gate, Great Cipto Citro Selo, Selo Pakuan Bomo, Selo Adi Citro Lane, Selo banks of wind, and Selo spur wind.
Still in the cave, you will also find valuable magical spring according to the trust some people. Spring-spring, among others, Spring jampi Rogo, Panguripan Spring, Spring niche Jiwo, Kamulyan Spring, and Spring Nisto niche that is believed to have magical value to cure disease.


Gua Gong also has several rooms. The first room Spring room dalah Apsara contained a small spring with clean water and cold. Next to him is the living Angel. The third and fourth space is the space of crystal and marble.

The fifth room is the most spacious room. In this place once held a music concert four countries (Indonesia, Switzerland, Britain and France) in order to promote the existence of Gua Gong to Worldwide.

Goa Gong is located on the south coast, exactly in Dusun Pule, Bomo Village, District Punung, Pacitan, 37 km to the west of the town of Pacitan. Goa Gong is surrounded by a row of mountains, including:

- To the north is Mount Manyar
- To the east is Mount Gede
- To the south is Mount Karang pulut
- To the west is Mount Grugah

A line of mountains that surround the cave Gong is mostly planted with teak trees, bananas, coconuts, but also vice versa in the rainy season planted cassava, chilli, rice, cucumbers, etc., so that from afar seem greenery that can add beauty of the cave atmosphere Gong in the morning and arrived at dusk.

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