Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Aek Martua waterfall tour

  Aek Martua is actually the name of a river in the village of Ancient Build Tangun District, Riau. On the river, there is the highest waterfall of the many waterfalls found along this river.

Aek Martua name itself comes from the tribal language, which means water Mandailing magical. This waterfall is also often referred to as the Thousand Stairs waterfall because the waterfall has many levels.

 To get to the location of this waterfall, you are required to walk about 2-3 miles from the entrance to protected forest hill through the ranks. Although the road to reach the location of the waterfall is very draining, it will be paid through the ready to accompany the beautiful scenery along the road to the site.

 Water pouring down from levels waterfall, a unique and distinctive to you on reaching this waterfall area. Moreover, coupled with the clarity and cleanliness of water which is owned, making anyone spellbound.

In addition, because of its location on the hill line, waterfalls Aek Martua also offers unique beauty and fresh mountain air that will make anyone feel at ease and at peace.

Aek Martua waterfall can be reached from Pekanbaru by using the L 300 urban transport-destination Pekanbaru Pengaraian Sand, by paying about 50 thousand.

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