Sunday, June 17, 2012

Virgin sands Pari Island

This beach is located on the island rays, an island located in the area of ​​a thousand islands Jakarta. Stingray Island is an area used for the study and preservation of biodiversity.

  Under the auspices of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences or LIPI. The island has a land area of ​​pari approximately 95 hectares with a population of 700 people locally. Pari island surrounded by 5 islands, namely Pulau Indah Bird, Kongsi Island, Rat Island and the central island, everything goes into the archipelago Lagoog very broad.

On the island there is a ray that lies on the coast north of the island rays. The beach is very beautiful and has a serpentine shape and extends to the character of white sand beaches and gentle, the beach is often referred to as virgin sand beaches.

Virgin sand beach has a beautiful mangrove forests, which make the scenery a wonderful and cool. This beach is convenient for the holidays with your loved ones. Calm and beautiful, concise picture of this beach, because this beach is not yet widely known by the public.

Wind rustling breeze, soft sand and low waves ripple will hold you to linger to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

Visitors can also make diving in the waters around the island stingrays, lots of beautiful coral reefs and many other life, such as brain corals, soft corals, labirinth corals, sea ferns, etc., even to the anemone fish habitat NEMO here if we can meet lucky! there are 4 Pari Island snorkeling spot.

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