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Prey institutions of ancient technology Indonesia

Pranata Mangsa or Institutions Prey: dating Systems season astronomy intelligence evidence of our ancestors
As with other cultures in the world, indigenous peoples Indonesia have long been concerned with the sky. Sky observations used in agriculture and shipping. Pranatamangsa known in the Java community, which is based on the season forecasting of natural phenomena, and is generally associated with the layout of the stars in the sky.
According Daldjoeni in his book "Java Agriculture calendar Pranata Prey" Prey Pranata quite brilliant invention. 

Complexity is not less weight than those found dating system of Ancient Egypt, China, Maya, and Burma. The more so when compared with American-style model of Farming Almanac, Pranata prey is far more advanced.

Although the technology is increasingly sophisticated, as now, the application of the calculation of prey are still relevant institutions. That's because our ancestors used to study natural phenomena such as the rainy season / dry season flowering / fruiting, the position of constellations, the influence of full moon, and so forth. By studying the natural phenomena of our ancestors can better appreciate the preservation of nature.

Actually there are many technologies that our ancestors used that are not listed here. Such findings were in fact since the first of Indonesia has been able to master the advanced technology of his day was not worth it when we boast ourselves as the current generation if we do not value and appreciate our ancestors .. Our ancestors have built the temples of exquisite architecture and the last hundred years. Our ancestors also built a fleet that has sailed the sea. Our ancestors have also found objects that tebilang simple but a lot of benefits. That is proof that our ancestors are very intelligent. 

Occupiers who have made us weaker and less confident. Therefore, after becoming an independent nation we must be able to get back up to align ourselves with other nations that have been developed.

Form of formal institutions introduced in the Sunan prey Pakubuwana VII (king of Surakarta) and came into use since June 22, 1856, is intended as a guide for farmers on the cultivation of rice itu.Perlu realized that at that time was only conducted once a year, followed by pulses or rice gogo. In addition, institutions prey on those days meant as a guide for relevant parties to prepare for natural disasters, given the weather forecast technology not yet known. Institutions of prey in the form of "body of knowledge" is spoken is still applied by a group of people and in some ways its observations of natural phenomena.

There are instructions that the Java community, especially those living in the area around Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, until Lawu, has known the principles of prey institutions long before the arrival of the influence of India. These principles are based on the circulation of the sun in the sky and circulation plow constellation (Orion)
. In the area of ​​type Am according to Koeppen climate, the inhabitants of the sun-based calendar implemented and constellations as part of the harmony of the natural rhythm of life follows the change in a year. This knowledge can be thought to have been passed down from generation to generation since the period of the Kingdom of Medang (Hindu Mataram) from the 9th century until the period of the Sultanate of Mataram in the 17th century as a guide in the field of agriculture, economics, administration, and defense (military).

Changes are implemented in Java technology since the 1970s, a package of agricultural intensification such as the use of chemical fertilizers, early maturing cultivars of old (can be harvested at age 120 days or less, previously took up to 180 days), the widespread network of irrigation through dams or weir, and especially the rapid growth forecast techniques have led to institution of prey (in the form of formal Kasunanan version) lost a lot of relevance. The issue of global climate change is getting stronger since the 1990s also made a prey of institutions should be reviewed because it was considered "no longer be read".

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