Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ngliyep beautiful beaches in Malang

Ngliyep beach lies to the south or in rural poor counties Kedungsalam, Donomulyo subdistrict, Malang regency, East Java.

Ngliyep coast is rocky coast with green tropical forest sights are amazing, the beaches there are tropical forests that will make your vacation more enjoyable, well equipped facilities provided include lodging, shops, souvenirs and much more.

This beach has a natural precipice, would be more widespread if the waves crashing on the cliffs of the coast, will provide the enchanting beauty of nature tourism. The waves are too large to make this beach can not be used for swimming, but there are many tourist activities you can do.

The right time to visit this beach harbor go round when the ritual is done, Ngliyep Coast has always held a ritual way known as Labuhan ceremony held annually on 14 Maulud with heads of livestock (goat / cow) were sacrificed as offerings into the sea by the inhabitants.

If you want to see the bustle and excitement indeed at the beach Ngliyep, not hurt you to choose the time of the ceremony is to visit there.

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  1. Hola es preciosa la costa lo que no se si es bueno mostradlo, pues todo lo que tocamos no lo cargamos con nuestra dejadez
    Lo destruimos lo llenamos de basura etc……….