Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hot water bath at Tirta Sanita Bogor

There is one place that's fun for those who want to release tired after working a full week. Located on the outskirts of Bogor, there is a hot spring that promises extraordinary relaxation charm.

Located in Mountain Limestone, Ciseeng, Bogor, Tirta Sanita offers a warm weekend to soak in hot water baths. This region is known as a hot spring sulfur in Bogor.

In addition to bathe and enjoy the natural beauty around, here you can also outbound with the family. Every weekend, the hot water bath is always crowded with tourists.

To enter this tourist area you enough to pay the entrance fee of Rp 8 thousand to Rp 6 thousand for adults and children. Hot water bath at Tirta Sanita is open daily from 8 am until 5 pm.

The visitors who come to this area say that the sulfur in the hot water can cure skin diseases and bone. So, with a soak in the pool, you get two benefits at once, recreation and health.

For visitors who do not want to wet-basahan, hot baths also provide other support facilities, such as outbound and garden games children play. For outbound play, visitors are asked to pay 150 thousand.
Tirta Sanita hot springs have been tested by TEMAC Thai Engineering Materials Analysis C. Ltd, which states that hot water is beneficial for health, especially for the treatment of various skin diseases, bone, and various other diseases. Interestingly, the hot water here contains three elements as well as the sulfur, lime and salt. In addition, after a hot shower does not arise in the skin feeling sticky. That is why it is recommended not to hot rinse water after playing here, so its effect can be stronger.

"After a hot bath containing sulfur should not have washed the body. Allow the water to dry himself in the head and body. Good for health and beauty. "Likewise written on paper taped to the left right at the counter for admission to the baths.

Health Tips is written by a Korean who often comes to a shower of hot water baths. Well, Taman Tirta Sanita is now increasingly okay. In addition to this recreation area offers many tourist facilities, as well as ensuring the health and beauty benefits, and so would the costs affordable for all pockets of society.


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