Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Muara Angke Jakarta Wildlife

Enjoy the natural charm of the forest did not have far to go out of town. It appeared in Jakarta you can enjoy it too. If you deign to visit Muara Angke Wildlife. This area is located just across the Mediterranean Commerce office complex, beautiful beaches cotton.

Wildlife area is indeed the only conservation area in Jakarta as well as the smallest in Indonesia. This region was asked as a nature reserve by the Dutch on June 17, 1939. 60 Years later, a nature reserve status was transformed into a wildlife reserve by the Decree of the Minister of Forestry and Plantations No. 097/Kpts-II/1998.

Although wildlife including the smallest with only an area of ​​25.02 hectares, the region has an important role in conservation of birds in the world. The proof, Birdlife International to enter the estuary as Important Bird Areas Numbers in Java. Noted there are 91 species of birds, consisting of 28 species of water birds and 63 species of forest birds that live in this region. 17 species of which are protected animals such as Stork Bluwok.

In addition, some species of birds endemic to the island of Java can also be found here, such as the plover Java and Java Tool. In addition to birds, SMMA is also a habitat group of long-tailed monkeys. Not only that, the area is also home to various flora. Recorded about 30 species of plants here, 11 of which are species of mangrove trees such as fires and Pidada.

In the area there SMMA 800 meter long wooden bridge that you can browse to see first hand the life of flora and fauna here. There are also boat engines to surround the mangrove forest area SMMA. If you deign to visit this area, you must first obtain permission from the Office of the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) DKI Jakarta.

Muara Angke Wildlife Refuge (SMMA) is located in the Village of Kapok Muara, Penjaringan district, North Jakarta. Towards this place can be reached by private vehicle or public transportation from the terminal station and the city harbor of Jakarta.
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