Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mount Padang Greater than site of Borobudur

Site wide Megalith Mount Padang, in the District Campaka, Cianjur, West Java, believed to be 10 times larger than Borobudur temple in Central Java, said Archaeologist Ali Akbar, an integrated team of independent research Gunung Padang, Sunday.

He said the belief that, based on the results after the opening structure in the eastern part of the site.

He explained that it found 20 more terraces into any part of the construction of Mount Padang today. Terrace often, it is predicted to extend up to 200 meters over the construction punden terraces, arranged neatly.

"Until now, we have reached a distance of one hundred meters terrace frequent presence in the east, to the north in a circle. This is 10 times larger than Borobudur," he said.

As for the structure in the south, the team gets into trouble because the south, the condition of the terraces are found, has allegedly catastrophic mess in the past that caused landslides and destroyed construction. But the team still found the remains of the structure of the small terrace.

To eskavasai western section, the team is plagued by landslides from the pile of soil that is next to the hill. In the west, the soil pile is much thicker than expected in the east and south. For this area the team just down the structure of the surface.
"From every corner of the stairs that allegedly found some way to the top of the staircase punden strengthened the springs every gerbangnnya. Most powerful of the entrance to the stomach kebagain and pathways that allow the site from the east," he said.

Sources: Cianjur (ANTARA)-, Jakarta -

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